OMR Software

OMR Sheet Scanning

OMR software requires OMR sheets to be scanned using an image scanner, and the scanned omr sheet images are uploaded into the software.

OMR software recognizes the scanned omr sheets by detecting the printed identification barcodes and captures the filled in checkboxes by comparing the number of black pixels against the number of white pixels in each checkbox. To capture data accurately from the scanned OMR sheets, the images must be sharp and clear to avoid errors with barcode and checkbox detection.

Scan omr sheets in black and white at a resolution of between 240-300 DPI for optimal results. If the resolution of the scanner is set too high the images will take too long to process and there could be errors because the images contain too many black pixels.

OMR software detection

A clearly scanned omr sheet image can be accuratley detected by omr software. The identifying barcode is detected and the marked checkboxes are captured as value data.

  • Don’t save your images as JPEG files. JPEG files create “artifacts” within images, this will translate into black spots where they shouldn’t be, in the 1 bit conversion. It will make it harder for FormReturn to read barcodes and will also make it harder for FormReturn to count the correct number of pixels in the checkboxes. If you have to use JPEG, make sure your scanning resolution is 200 DPI and your barcodes are big enough (full size) to always be detected.

  • Don’t use image enhancing filters, such as a sharpening filter.

  • Some scanners with automatic document feeders scan images in a non-perfect straight line (ie, the image appears to “bow”). If your scanner does this, it would be wize to get a better scanner.

  • If the image is blurry, you require a better scanner.

  • If you use a flatbed scanner and the foam is worn away, this may cause black spots or blurry patches. The paper must be held firmly against the glass to take a good image. You require a better scanner.

  • Fax machines take low resolution images, though it is possible to increase the size of everything in the form, we don’t recommend using them to take images for use with FormReturn.

  • If you have problems with detection, increase the DPI of your scanner up to 300 DPI. If you still have problems, increase the size of your barcodes and fragment areas in FormReturn. If you still have problems, invest in a better scanner.