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OMR Sheet

Answer Sheets and Questionnaires can be designed as OMR sheets and printed on plain paper to be used with OMR software. It is possible to print them on plain paper because an ordinary scanner is used to scan them for reading by the omr software.

Download Free Printable, OMR sheets that can be used for answer sheet tests, exams, assessment questionnaires and surveys, or easily create your own specialized questionnaire OMR sheets to use for evaluations, checklists, quality assurance sheets and ballot papers, using omr software’s omr sheet editor.

OMR answer sheet

An OMR sheet used for an answer sheet in multiple choice exams

Paper OMR sheets contain checkbox bubbles which can be recognized by omr software for automatically capturing people’s multiple choice responses. Automatically collected response information is used by many organizations for improvement of productivity, quality assurance, gathering statistics, research and for grading exams, tests and assessments.

OMR questionnaire

An OMR Questionnaire used for assessments and surveys

The processing of OMR sheets into results is automated with OMR Software. There is no manual data entry involved, which saves hours of time and effort and is much more cost effective than manually collecting results. OMR sheets for OMR software are designed and printed on plain paper, saving on the ongoing cost of buying scannable OMR sheets.

OMR sheets for exams are commonly called bubble sheets or answer sheets and are used for collecting only the answers from multiple choice paper exams, assessments and tests, along with a separate paper question sheet.

OMR sheets are also used to collect response information from questionnaires such as evaluations,ballot papers,surveys,quality control and quality assurance sheets.

When the omr sheets have been completed by the respondents, they are scanned using an ordinary document scanner, the scanning can be done in any order and the processed images will link to the correct template in omr software. The scanned images are automatically detected and the filled in checkboxes are captured and converted to value data using omr software on a regular desktop or laptop computer.

Download free omr sheets such as answer sheets and bubble sheets used for exams, surveys, patient assessments, ballot forms and evaluation forms used for conferences and non profit organizations.

Download free software - free trial of omr softwarewhich can be used for automated processing of OMR sheets which have been completed by the respondents to multiple choice questions.